Resources to Support Medical Student Mental Health and Wellness

I’m Cathy Caudill, PhD. I’ve been a medical school pathology professor since 2006, and I regularly observe how medical student mental health both influences and is influenced by academic success. Here, I share mental health resources and also experiment with medical school games and play.


This site arose out of my belief that we need a paradigm shift in how medical schools design wellness programs. Most are currently framed around “self-care,” deferring full responsibility for wellness to individual students, hoping that they’ll use their after-hours time to explore mental health resources or extracurricular wellness programs . I think it’s time for “together-care.” Let’s be more intentional, carving out time in the day for students to share, play, relax, or explore. Medical schools need recess!

Mental Health Resources

Resources tailored to medical students, such as reducing test anxiety, getting better sleep, and developing stress tolerance.

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Resources For Kycom Students

Wellness opportunities at KYCOM and in eastern Kentucky. Covering hiking trails, music and arts events, and where to go for charity work or religious activities.

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Pathology play. Fun mnemonics, medical school humor, trivia, and virtual escape rooms.

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Research and Blog

Personal musings about medical student wellness, academic success, and research in the field of medical student mental health.

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